Here you will find a selection of my projects


Botnia Paradise

Theatre play for Wasa Teater

Written by - Humorgruppen KAJ

Botnia Paradise is Humorgruppen KAJs second musical. A story about friendship, love and finding ones place in the world.

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Virala Genier 2

Tv-series produced by Citizen Jane Productions

Dir. Elin Grönblom

VIRAL GENIUSES is a live action TV drama series for 12- 15 year olds,

based on the book Zoo - Virala Genier by Kaj Korkea-aho and Ted Forsström

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Jag Kommer

Tv-series produced by Citizen Jane Productions

Dir. Elin Grönblom

JAG KOMMER is a live action TV drama series for 16-25 year olds,

written by Helmi Tolonen.

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Micke & Steffe

Talkshow produced by Five Corners Production

Dir. Malin Nyqvist

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Reading, writing and the MooMINS

Launch livestream produced by All Things Content

for Moomin Characters & Otava

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